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The Patient Medical Association has been producing education programs for healthcare providers and patients for over ten years. As a 501(c)(3) organization, we are committed to serving the public by improving healthcare delivery through education.

Our vision is for a healthcare system that people can trust and that will treat them with respect, at a reasonable cost. We want everyone to have access to appropriate insurance they can afford.

People should be empowered to only go to a doctor when they need to, to be treated like a paying customer when they do, and to have the tools they need to take care of themselves and their family at home when they can.

We produce education and training programs for patients, physicians, nurses, technicians, health policymakers, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, or anyone else that will help improve healthcare.

We're not dogmatic about what we do. If it works, we'll teach it. It could be traditional or complementary medicine (like meditation, acupuncture, energy healing, etc.). We know that conventional medicine does not have all the answers for everyone all the time.

We have developed Patient Advocacy programs for organizations around the country.

We are developing a nation-wide program to help with the growing Opioid Crisis.

We're always exploring way information technology can improve healthcare delivery.

Our PAMEAS Nutrition Programs will help alleviate the American Obesity Epidemic.

We're working now on new insurance strategies for people post-Obamacare.

We produce a variety of Mental Health Education Programs.