Founder's Statement


I’ve formed PAMEAS as a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Educational Organization for the delivery of medical education programs to physicians, nurses/techs, patients, and others. Our main focus is always to increase patient empowerment and to make healthcare more clinically-efficient and cost-effective and to improve the lives of all individuals.

Most educational providers are vertically oriented in one specialty in healthcare. PAMEAS is one of the few non-profits, run by a physician who understands the needs of providers, industry, and patients, that is not focused on any particular specialty or group. As we did with Transradial, PAMEAS can be useful in reaching out to providers across specialties, as well as administrators, policymakers, insurance providers, and industry to bring improvements to healthcare delivery using a wide variety of educational programs and products. We strive to be a practical and compelling partner in this pursuit to all people we work with.

Paul Zimnik, D.O.

The vision of PAMEAS

“Establish PAMEAS as a significant leader in supporting education and research programs to advance wellness and patient-centric healthcare while maintaining our uncompromising principles as we grow."

PAMEAS Mission and Guiding Principles
  1. Contribute positively to the advancement of knowledge about healthcare and wellness.
  2. Treat all people with respect and dignity.
  3. Embrace diversity of thought and person as an essential component in fulfilling our vision.
  4. Apply the highest standards of excellence to the production and delivery of our educational content.
  5. Create educational programs that are practical, distinctive, and cost-effective for all involved.
  6. Encourage open-minded discussion and collaboration.
  7. Contribute positively to helping all people lead happier and healthier lives.
  8. Maintain the spirit of a non-profit organization focused on service to humanity and the expansion of knowledge.



Healthcare is a topic that is becoming increasingly important in each of our lives. Whether because of healthcare reform that impacts our finances or difficult decisions about conditions affecting ourselves or our loved ones, we each make decisions that involve complex information and rapidly changing situations. At PAMEAS we want to help patients, healthcare providers, members of industry, policymakers, and anyone else who deals with healthcare topics be more knowledgeable and confident in their decisions.

PAMEAS is a patient advocacy organization that supports research and educate providers and patients on issues that will make healthcare delivery more patient-centric, clinically-effective, and cost-efficient. We have a single focus: helping people achieve success within the complex and rapidly evolving healthcare system. PAMEAS' strength comes from the depth of our healthcare and modern technology experience, the breadth of our relationships with clinicians, industry, and other healthcare specialists, and our passion and single focus on making complex healthcare challenges more easily understood and managed.

Here are all of our completed programs.

Here is a list of our faculty.