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This note is to give any physician interested in PAMEAS programs at their site some more background on our programs.

  • We have been delivering physician training programs (e.g., In-hospital preceptorships, Grand Rounds, Dinner Programs, Single-day conferences, Executive Meetings, Large Multi-day Conferences, etc.) for about 20 years.
  • We will provide courses in any topic area to any specialty of physician and also include nurses, techs, admins, etc. in our courses as appropriate.
  • Each program’s agenda is determined by the local program chair, who also select the other faculty. The faculty for each course will use their own slides and own computers. We do not keep anything or transfer anything to any other faculty of other programs to protect the intellectual property of the faculty. Any PDF slides we distribute to the audience would come from the faculty so they can control what they want to distribute.
  • Our job is to facilitate the program for the local chair and faculty. We manage all aspects of the program to their specifications and will clear all decisions with the chair (if they are interested), including venue, logistics, etc.
  • We’ll work with commercial supporters to fund the program through grants and exhibit fees. We’ll keep the program chair in the loop on progress, budgets, etc. (Again in as much detail as they want and not to burden them.) We’ll work with supporting companies to market the programs to attendees.
  • Most of the time we don’t charge fees to attend the programs, which we try to keep to Saturdays to make them more convenient to our regional audience.
  • We pay the chair and faculty their honoraria, travel, etc. as an independent contractor for which they receive a 1099 form at the end of the year. We report payments to our faculty to the IRS. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization and take a small management fee from each program to cover our expenses.
  • A little over half our programs are non-accredited to allow for delivery of product training, etc. This makes other logistics easier as well. When we do offer accredited programs for physicians, nurses, or techs we partner with local CME or other accrediting organizations.

If you are interested in being a local Chair of a PAMEAS program, please contact us here.